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Nootrolux Affiliate Program

Nootrolux™ is now fielding inquiries from reputable Affiliates who can help spread the word about the Best Nootropic Stack in the World. The Nootrolux Affiliate Program offers a competitive way to turn your site’s traffic into legitimate revenue. Promote our brand that has a growing audience on social media, and give your visitors the opportunity to discover some of the best nootropic products available.

What is your referral rate?

We offer a flat 20% referral rate for all affiliates.

How long do your cookies last?

Our cookies last 30 days for referrals. This means that anybody who you refer to will be connected to your referral for a whole month! Anything they purchase from us in this time will contribute to your commission.


Minimum payout is $100 and we accept self purchases. Payouts are sent with a 1 month delay once the threshold has been reached.

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