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Refund Policy

We strongly believe in our products and want every customer to leave satisfied, whether they like our products or not. This is the reason for the “Nootrolux 60 days Money Back Guarantee”. Due to inevitable fraudulent activity we have set the guidelines below. All policy information applies to purchases made directly through Refund requests on purchases made via third-party affiliates must be directed to the appropriate retailer.
**Please contact customer service prior to sending any product back for a return, replacement, or exchange:
The guarantee is valid only if the following conditions and stipulations are met and agreed upon:The guarantee is valid within 60-days after u receive the product. We will request feedback regarding the product in question and then take immediate action to refund the cost of the product. Refunds processed through credit card transactions may take 5-7 business days to post to a bank statement, as this is dependent on the financial institution and not on Nootrolux’s merchant provider.
Refunds will be granted after u send back the item. Refunds are only applicable to cost of product, as shipping fees will not be refunded.
**Please do not request a refund if you have had the product less than 30 days. We offer such a stellar refund policy because we truly believe in our products and want our customers to give them an honest shot.**
If you are having your order shipped outside of USA, please be aware that you are responsible for customs clearance and any brokerage or customs and duty charges that may be incurred. Nootrolux will not arrange or handle customs brokerage and clearance and will not be responsible for payment of any charges related to this.  This is the responsibility of the customer.