Why Diffusing Essential Oils is Beneficial To Your Health

If you know a little about essential oils, you must be aware that using a diffuser is the best way to tap into the health and wellness benefits. Diffusing involves disseminating tiny particles of aromatic natural oils into the air; so that your household can reap the benefits. Aromatherapy has come a long way; especially where diffusers are concerned. All diffusers are not made equal.

When choosing the right aromatherapy diffuser, consider one that delivers completely. You want something effective, safe, quiet, versatile and so on. The Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser is the best tool for optimal aromatherapy. This stylish nebulizer employs a unique technology to help you ingest the purest and finest aromatic particles from the air. The first consideration therefore before diffusing, is to get the best diffuser. The device chosen can determine whether you enjoy the health merits or not. With the above in mind, let us delve into the top health benefits of diffusing quality essential oils in your space.



  1. Manage stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are some of the major health issues that most people are facing today. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the problem. From health to economic concerns, people are more stressed than ever. It is in this trying reality that you look for something to mitigate the problem positively. Essential oils like lavender, rose, chamomile, bergamot and frankincense will effectively elevate your mood. These aromatic oils will lift your spirit and improve your emotions as needed. This simple method can help you cope with daily stressors. Health experts agree that managing stress and anxiety helps keep other serious conditions (like high blood pressure) at bay.

  1. Boost healthy sleep patterns

Insomnia or poor quality sleep is quickly becoming a chronic problem in society. With many life demands, most people grapple with this problem; and getting some decent rest every night is elusive. Diffusing essential oils in your space can however tackle this issue effectively. Studies have revealed that oils like sweet marjoram, spikenard, bergamot, chamomile and others have properties that promote healthy sleep patterns. Elements in these oils include linalyl acetate and linalool which have been found relaxing to the body and mind. If you are having trouble sleeping for whatever reason, try diffusing these oils and improve your sleep naturally.

  1. Strengthen your immune system

The best way to protect your immunity is to make sure that harmful microbes are kept away from your body. Diffusing oils like lemon, clove, tea tree, oregano, peppermint and others helps eradicate harmful microbes in the air. This effectively safeguards you and your family from ailments such as the flu. This application is also relevant in the midst of a pandemic. Cleansing the air using these oils can keep you well guarded from many viruses including the Coronavirus.



  1. Eradicate bugs naturally

Diffusing essential oils into your space also means that you get rid of bugs naturally. Most insects cannot withstand the aroma of these oils. From mosquitos to other harmful crawlers in your home, use natural oils for excellent results. Keep in mind that commercial insecticides are loaded with harmful chemicals. The best oil to diffuse to repel bugs are rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, geranium, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and many more. Essential oil blends tend to do a better job and one of the best blends is lemongrass and clove oil. This combination has been proven 100% effective against a zika-carrying mosquito.

  1. Scent your space naturally

There is nothing more inviting like a sweetly scented room. It sets the mood and gives your space special aromatic value. With essential oils, you can naturally set the tone depending on what you are aiming for. You can choose a relaxed, sweet or energized theme as you desire. If you are thinking of something romantic, these oils give you the best aroma to boost your mind and body. From bergamot to sweet orange and lavender, you can create blends that deliver on the aroma you wish to enjoy. This aroma is also effective in getting rid of odors. Freshen up your space with citrus scents and see the difference. Beautiful scents are healing to the mind and body.


  1. Tackle aches and pains

Aches and pains are common; especially when you lead a busy lifestyle. Instead of reaching for painkillers, why not diffuse some clary sage, ginger, lavender or bergamot oils. These oils will act directly in your bloodstream to relieve the pains. From headaches to muscle and joint aches, essential oils can naturally give you effective relief to your delight. Inhaling these oils has been seen more effective compared to applying them directly on affected areas. Take full advantage of this natural alternative that comes with no side effects.

essential oil aromatherapy


There are many other health and wellness benefits to talk about. For example, if you are looking to cut some weight, you should start diffusing essential oils. Research has revealed that inhaling some scents can make you feel full by inducing satiety. This enables you to control your appetite better. Some of the best weight loss oils to consider are orange, patchouli, grapefruit, lavender and ylang ylang. All in all, it is extremely hard to enjoy all the above benefits if you do not use the right diffuser.

As mentioned at the beginning, the nebulizing diffuser by Organic Aromas is an elegant aromatherapy device like no other. This affordable tool does not use heat or water; keeping the aroma emitted pure. The diffuser is available in many shapes, colors and styles that are sure to add personality to your space. That said, do not forget to use high quality essential oils.  Buy pure oils from a trusted source and if you don’t know where to begin, Organic Aromas also supplies all manner of pure and organic essential oils. Variety is the key and knowing how to blend oils is also essential. All the resources and products you need to start are all available at Organic Aromas.

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