All About Sugaring Hair Removal

Body Sugaring is a very unique form of hair removal in that people consider it to be a new up and coming form of epilation. While it has had a new explosion in popularity, it is certainly not new! In fact, body sugaring is thought to date back to Ancient Egyptian times.


Why go back to something so ancient, you ask? Well, it’s simplicity of course! With more and more people focusing on their health and paying attention to exactly what they are putting in and on their bodies, Sugaring is making a comeback in a huge way!


What Ingredients Make Up Sugaring Paste?


A good sugaring paste is made up of only three simple ingredients, lemon juice, sugar, and water. That is it! This sugaring paste is so natural, you can make it with three simple ingredients that you very likely have in your kitchen right now!


That’s not all, however. Of course, it is great that this paste is so simple and natural, but there’s more to its exploding popularity than that! It actually does an amazing job as well! So let’s bring up a few of its major benefits!


Sugaring Is Long-Lasting

Sugaring hair removal is long lasting. Unlike shaving, that needs to be done every day or two, sugaring oly needs to be done once a month. That’s right! Get sugared, and then you get to enjoy almost three weeks of velvety smooth before the hair starts growing back!


Sugaring Provides Gentle Exfoliation

Being hair free is an amazing feeling, but being hair free and also having incredibly smooth skin? Bonus! When you get sugared the loose skin cells get stuck in the Sugar and removed. This leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft, for an even more goddess-like feel!

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Sugaring Is Incredibly Sanitary

Have you ever seen a waxing technician use the same stick to scoop more wax out of the pot after using it on you? Yuck! While a good waxing technician shouldn’t do this, some still do! When you get sugared however, you won’t need to worry about this. Since the sugarist is using the same ball of sugar on you, and throwing it out when she is done, there is no possibility of cross-contamination.


Sugar Removes All The Hair From The Root

Due to a superior technique, Sugaring leads to very minimal amounts of breakage, meaning almost EVERY hair will be removed from the roots. Your Sugarist will spread the hair against the grain of growth and remove in the direction of growth. This leads to less pressure on the hair shaft and a more complete removal more often.


Have you tried Sugaring before? Did you love the Sugaring Paste? Did you get a chance to try any all-natural sugaring products? If not, it’s worth giving a go, you will probably end up loving it as much as I do. If you have, what was your favourite part? Would you recommend it to your friends? Let us know in the comments below!



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