Why it is important to have regular dental appointments

It is incredibly common for people to put off going to see their dental practitioner or not have an examination as often as they should. It is usually recommended that you see your dentist Navan at least twice a year, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances and if you are undergoing any treatments. It is just as important to take your child for check-ups from a young age, as if they are used to attending their dental practice regularly these good habits are more likely to continue on into adulthood.

Alongside regular dental check-ups and a good brushing routine, you should also make time to see your hygienist. They will help you to avoid problems such as gingivitis, which if it goes untreated can turn into gum disease and cause you to lose teeth. Your dental practitioner will normally advise you at an examination if they believe that you could benefit from seeing the hygienist.

Why you should have regular dental check-ups

People who attend regular dental appointments are less likely to suffer from tooth decay and additional problems later on in life. Good dental hygiene is important if you want your teeth to stay strong and healthy, but even a good brushing technique does not allow you to find out if you have any underlying issues. This is something that only your dental practitioner will be able to discover, and this is why it is important to see them regularly.

At a dental examination they will be able to fully assess the condition of your teeth and inform you if any of your teeth are damaged. Sometimes you may need a filling to repair a tooth and protect it from further damage, or you may need to have a tooth removed if it has become a problem. In some cases your dental practitioner may advise you that you need to think about having other types of treatment such as braces or a procedure to replace several missing teeth.

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It is important to visit your practice when you are a young adult as this is generally when your wisdom teeth will start to come through. Your dental practitioner will be able to carry out an X-ray on your teeth, allowing you to see if your wisdom teeth are going to come through straight or if they are at angles and likely to become a problem. If your wisdom teeth do pose an issue when they start to grow through you may need to have them removed, as they can cause infection and damage your other teeth if they are growing at the wrong angle. If you have any worries about your wisdom teeth you should seek dental advice as soon as you can to avoid prolonging any discomfort.

Hygiene treatments keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy

Seeing your hygienist for a scale and polish is equally important as having your check-up. Your hygienist will be able to get rid of any plaque that has hardened onto the surfaces of your teeth, as once the plaque has hardened you will not be able to get rid of it yourself through brushing. Your gums are just as important as your teeth, and your hygienist will make sure that your gums are healthy and free from disease. They will get rid of any build-up that is present between your teeth and make sure that when you leave the practice your mouth feels fresh and clean.



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