Is there a real Limitless Pill?

People interested in improving their own mental capacity seek products to improve memory. While the limitless pill in the movie is fictional, there are supplements on the market that offer cognitive enhancement benefits.
All this may have you wondering whether there is a real NZT-48 supplement.
The closest real-life equivalent is a wakefulness-promoting medication called Modafinil, sold under the brand names Modavigil, Alertec, and Provigil.
Generally it is used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. It has also been investigated for troop use in combat scenarios where sleep deprivation is an issue. Astronauts on the ISS have made use of it as well.
Many people who have used Modafinil report that it does far more than fight fatigue. Reportedly it also dampens distractions and clarifies thought, bringing an intense focus to the mind. As a result, professionals and students may consider turning to Modafinil as an alternative to amphetamines.
modafinil tablets
But like amphetamines, Modafinil has serious side effects.
A third of participants in clinical trials on Modafinil have reported crippling headaches. An extra 11% experienced nausea, while others reported an array of other side-effects ranging from nervousness to diarrhea. Dizziness and insomnia may also result from Modafinil use. The side effects are very real. In fact, many people on reddit/nootropics had complain of the side effects of Modafinil and had to stop using Modafinil because of the tremendous headaches that they encounter.
This is why Modafinil is not the best option if you are in search of a real-life Limitless pill. It may be the closest thing from a prescription pad, but the side effects are not worth it! Researchers still are not even sure whether it is safe for long-term use.


There are absolutely no pills that will do any of the following:
  • Turn you into a millionaire investor overnight despite zero finance knowledge.
  • Let you read finish a book in 10 seconds.
  • Allow you to write a 1000 page novel in a day.
Stuff like that only happens in the movies, but you’re not living in a movie. You’re living your life and you have realistic goals that you want to do.
The good news: There are so-called smart drugs that can help you become more productive.
These real life ‘Limitless Pills’ are known as nootropics.
Nootropics are an advanced class of cognitive supplements that effect the human brain. They increase cognitive function, focus, alertness, mood & much more.
Unlike most supplements sold today, Nootropics actually work and have very powerful effects.

Here’s what you can expect from (high quality) Nootropics:

– Improved focus & concentration
– More energy without the crash
– Quicker decision making
– Learn new concepts quicker
– Less Fatigue (Mental & Physical)
– Better Moods
– Enhanced social skills & confidence
– Sense of well-being & relaxation
– Increased awareness & alertness
– More Accurate Memory
– Almost all Nootropics have zero side effects or addiction potential.

The closest thing to a safe real-life Limitless pill

Best Nootropics

After decades of research and development, a team of neuroscientists from Nootrolux selected the safest, most studied, and most effective ingredients for achieving a focused state of mind. The pills are made in a FDA registered facilities to comply with regulators and restrictions.

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They have also obtained Current Good Manufacturing Practises (cGMP) and NSF certifications. All these means that there is an independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies their products to meet public health safety standards. With all these credentials and certifications, it is no wonder that these pills are selling like hotcakes off their website.




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