7 Reasons Why Nootropics Are Gaining Popularity


Nootropics, sound familiar? Well some of you may very well understand what it means, while others may be in a perplexed situation as to what exactly Nootropics are. Let me take an opportunity to calm the running horses of the confused set of people out there.


Nootropic is a kind of drug that is claimed to have a magical effect on boosting human memory. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? They are known by many names like “Smart Drugs” or “Cognitive Enhancers”. The term Nootropic has been devised from German expressions- nous (meaning mind) and trepein (meaning to bend). The credit for the nomenclature goes to Mr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, who was a Romanian pharmacist and a psychologist. By the time the pills got introduced in the market, they have been a subject of debate till today, however the consumption of these magic tablets has increased widely in the world and is still growing at a fast pace, especially in US. Let us see why the Nootropics are so famous:


  1. Magical Effect

Naturally, the very first thing that comes to the mind hearing of a medicine is its effect on human body. This drug has amazed the crowd with its effects, big time! These pills got really famous among students in Germany, especially the ones appearing for competitive tests and colleges. There are different kinds of enhancers like memory booster, mood enhancers, concentration lifter etc. These pills are nothing but vitamin supplements like Vitamin B6 and B12, caffeine, fish oil etc. They are also used to improve metabolism digestive system. Unlike popular candies, the nootropics have a direct effect on your brain and it stimulates the functioning and release of useful hormones.

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  1. Big Investment

We certainly cannot deny the fact that with increasing work load, Nootropics are gaining popularity not only among students but professionals are equally consuming these pills. According to a study, it was revealed that the US Nootropic industry experienced a sale of over $12 Billion by 2016 and this is still being counted. With the expanding business and consumption, investing in supplement industry is not a bad idea! It is sure to give a good turnover at the end of the day. There are companies who are investing in supplement industry, making huge profits out of it. These supplements are mostly made of Vitamins (B6 and B12) and caffeine, which is approved by the US food and drug department as safe to be consumed.

competitive price

  1. Affordable Price

Another important factor that has gained these drugs popularity is the pricing on which they are being sold. They are available in a price as cheap as $12 to anywhere up to $100. The price depends on the chemical composition and the amount of dosage. Some of them are in powdered form, while others are in the form of capsules. Some of the best-selling Nootropics are- Noopept, Piracetam, Ashwagandha, Modafinil, Adrafinil, Alpha-GPC and Aniracetam etc. It is recommended to buy these drugs only from trusted sellers and sources.


  1. Treating Disorders

The utmost use of these drugs is done in treating brain related disorders and the finest example is in Alzheimer’s disease. After much experimentation on animals and other sources, these drugs have proven to be of much effective than any other available in the market. Nootropics have a set of new cognitive drugs which are now widely used in treating Alzheimer’s. The very first drug that was demonstrated was Piracetam. Nowadays there have been whole new set of nootropics that are being used for the treatment and the best of the lot is considered to be pyrrolidine, which is known as ‘True Nootropic’. The use of nootropics for treatment is not only limited to Alzheimer’s, but also, they are used for other disorders like Parkinson’s, psycho-organic syndromes, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, drug abuse, children’s mental retardation, post stroke and the list continues.

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students studying

  1. Boon for Students

One of the studies exposed that nearly 4.5% of German students have been using nootropics for increasing their mental ability. Clearing a competitive test takes nights and days long for study and the students tend to compromise their sleep and resting time. As a result, they feel tired both mentally and physically. To avoid the same, having caffeine in the form of tea and coffee had been their best buddy. Tea or coffee also has a very limited effect; hence Nootropics came into picture. These drugs help them in increasing performance and other cognitive stimulation.


  1. Motivation Builder for Employees

In today’s time, everyone is set to give their best at respective workplaces and spending more than half of a day running the brains to make a change and add some value. This requires a combination of mind and physical work and not every time your brain may work efficient enough to be productive. This had led to the discovery and consumption of Nootropics, which is doing really good in the market today. Many employees who spend more than 10- 12 hours a day working in a company, need to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives and these pills work wonders for them. Sometimes the employees may not get enough sleep, these boosters keep them motivated, boost productivity and enhances their mood, thereby keeping them going the whole day.


  1. Embraced by Film Industry

Who is not aware of the hectic schedule that film-stars and renowned people around the globe follow. Some of them even put their sleep at stake for the kind of work schedule they have. So what keeps them going? Now you know the answer. Not all the film actors consume nootropics but yes, the reports are there who claim that it becomes really important for someone with that kind of schedule to have some supplements that help them keeping motivated, energetic and enhance their performance.

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