Top 3 Benefits Of Huperzine A – A Natural Nootropic Found In Plants


Huperzine A is a great Nootropic with potential to improve cognitive performance and memory enhancer. It is a potent Nootropic substance, extracted from the Huperziceae herbs. It helps to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine also known as ‘the learning transmitter’. This potentially improves cognitive performance and helps maintain healthy brain function.
Huperzine A is an alkaloid which is present naturally in some plant species. The most common plant from which it is extracted is “Chinese Club Moss”. Huperzine A is a well-known food supplement of Chinese origin. Many herbalists have been using Huperzine A for the treatment of swelling and fever since olden times. Chinese club moss is also one of the herbs which have many active ingredients and these active ingredients are helpful in treating different health related problems in human beings.
Recent research findings claim that this herbal extract is very effective in improving the human health. Researchers have also found that Huperzine A may also have some great protective effects on your brain. Most people who use Huperzine A as a Nootropic love how potent it is and the great effects it has. People also often use Huperzine A in a powerful Nootropic stack.

Huperzine A Benefits And Effects

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1. Effective In Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the best known benefits of huperzine A is its effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Some other benefits of huperzine include memory enhancement, treating muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis. Some researchers also prescribe huperzine A for increasing memory and learning skills.

Individuals, who have been using huperzine A, say that it is very effective in providing relief from muscular fatigue after heavy exercise. Huperzine is also very useful in boosting the immune system and it may also provide strength to the nerves of the human body.

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Regular use of huperzine may also increase the amount of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is a chemical which nerves use for communicating with the muscles, organs and the brain. The greater the amount of huperzine in the body, better will be the health of the individual.

2. Help Maintain Healthy Brain Function

Another great benefit of using Huperzine A is its potential to help maintain healthy brain function. Numerous animal studies have shown that Huperzine A has a highly protective effect on neurons.
A research carried out by few medical specialists showed that individual who have low levels of huperzine in their body suffered from memory loss. To improve the memory skills, huperzine A can be very useful. People who are suffering from dementia may also find huperzine A as a good remedy. People who complain of memory loss and poor thinking skills may find huperzine A very effective.

3. Great in a Nootropic stack

Lots of people are using Huperzine A in a Nootropic stack. One of the best things about Huperzine A is its apparent safety when combined with certain other Nootropics. It is synergistic in nature and works very well with other nootropic ingredients to form a great nootropic stack.
Some common stacks that people are using include Huperzine A with choline bitartrate, Huperzine A with gingko and Huperzine A with vinpocetineThe above mentioned benefits of huperzine are of great help in treating and reducing many biological disorders.

Side Effects

WebMD is a great resource for learning about the potential side effects of substances. According to WebMD, Huperzine A is considered safe when taken for periods of up to 3 months. Yet, Huperzine A is potentially unsafe for breast feeding women, as no studies have been done. Side effects of Huperzine A may include slowed heart rate, congestion, and headaches. If you have any underlying medical condition it is a good idea to consult with your physician.
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In today’s busy lifestyles, sometimes it feels like you have to fight your way through. But with Huperzine, you retain a sense of mental energy that offsets the tiredness of hectic work schedule. This is much healthier for one’s adrenal glands as it does not give you any jitters. Moreover, you are working to enhance acetylcholine function which is great for brain health not only today but also when you are older.


In conclusion, Huperzine A is a great Nootropic substance with powerful benefits. It can be used in a Nootropic stack like what Nootrolux™ Brain Boost has put into their ultimate nootropic formula. Huperzine A may have the potential to boost your cognitive power and memory, and may help to maintain a healthy brain. Huperzine A is one of the top euphoric Nootropics available today and Nootrolux™ has added this powerful nootropic into their formula. Check them out and reap the benefits of Huperzine A.
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