Top 8 fitness apps that will support you to get in shape

If you want to get in shape, do it now. And it seems obvious that everyone wants to follow an excellent guideline and reach the target in the shortest time. If so, you have come to the right place. It will be a brilliant choice to equip your smartphone with these latest and most helpful apps which satisfy your requirements, targets and experience levels. Technology these days is becoming smarter and smarter and we, the human, seems to get more and more involved with these smart gadgets. So why not install several apps that can equip you and help you in every aspect of your life. Regardless of your ideal type of exercise and experience, these are top 9 fitness apps which can be considered useful in your weight loss journey.

However, if you want to attain the best result, you should follow the guideline and the plan consistently. And you should not download all the apps in case you are overwhelmed by the schedule and the instructions. For instance, you can choose one app for your nutritional plan, and another app for training such as running, jogging or playing some sports (tennis, badminton, and football) would be a brilliant choice. Also, try to stick to one app at least 6 – 8 months before changing to another plan so that you can see the results more clearly.


Available on: iOS

What will you do if you register for a monthly gym class and have to miss it due to traveling or business trip? Don’t worry you can keep up with the class by installing “Cycle Cast” on your smartphone. And all you need is a Wifi connection and a stationary bike. Cycle Cast can provide you with streaming spin classes with fitness plan from professional instructors. The app comes with hit music, great professional trainers and many workout schedules that can suit your timetable. It is a subscription-based app, and you may try it free for 30 days.

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fitness workout


Available on: iOS, Android

This app is created for those who have a great passion for running, walking and anyone who is seeking for a new route to add to their daily workout. It will provide you a great list of choices that come along with detailed instructions of the routes near your place. Regarding on your location, the app will suggest you practice mountain biking, road cycling, hiking and many other types of workouts. Plus, it can record your work out details such as pace, speed, distance, elevation, route traveled, duration and calories burned.


Available on: iOS, Android

This is the app that can create an easier ways for you to go an extra mile. By turning on the Charity Miles app, select a charity that you want to support and start. When you exercise, take a jog along the beach, run through jungle walks, the app will track your distance and earn money. Once you have finished, accept the sponsorship, tell your feeling and the app will ensure that you have done a good job.


Available on: iOS, Android

This is a great app created for those who want to do a weight lifting schedule. The app will tell you which program, which exercises to finish each workout with the weight and the number of steps. Plus, the app also shows you the length of break time regarding the difficulty level. If you could not catch up with the schedule or the plan, the app will adapt the weight so that you can keep up with the progressing. This is extremely helpful since it helps you remember the part you have left in the last workout.

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Available on: iOS

This fitness app requires FitBit Charge which is a wearable activity tracker so that when using both of them, you can count calories, record health information, log your weight as well as track your glucose level or blood pressure. Plus, the app collects the additional health information like heart rate, calories burned, sleep activity or steps walked which enable you to track your work schedule more detailed.


Available on: iOS

This is a mini – workout that can provide a seven – minute high quality aerobic and training schedule which can be done at any location. Coming with full video, image and audio as well as full detailed text instructions, this app will satisfy you more than you expect. This app will cue you to get into shape and get you done everything from a high intensity running to push up or planking.


Available on: iOS, Android

This app is designed as an online personal trainer that comes along with nutrition planning program. The app includes tons of workout video that will impeccably suit your fitness goal and experience level. An outstanding disadvantage is that it cost $13 monthly, however, compared to a gym membership, it is still affordable.


Available on: iOS, Android, Amazon

Sworkit is a free app that will walk you through exercises last from 5 minutes to 1 hour including yoga, stretching or Pilates. With the custom function, Sworkit can create a fitness plan with detailed instructions provided by a professional instructor (i.e., personal trainers, doctors, physical education instructors, physical therapists, etc.) that suits your goal and your experience level. Plus, it is as easy as building a music playlist. Thus it will save you much time for your schedule.

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Besides these amazing fitness apps, it is recommended that you should top up your daily diet too. To get in shape, high quality and sufficient amount of nutrition value are highly required. So here are the best fitness apps that are created for the smartphone. Google Play Stores and Appstore are overwhelmed with plenty fitness apps, however, selecting the proper apps for your requirement and fitness goal will help you incredibly in attaining better and faster results. Stay fit with these eight apps that you’ve always wanted!!!

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