7 Proven Steps That Will Level Up Your Career

You feel like you have so much more to offer when it comes to your career, but not sure what should be done in order to really level it up. You want to be recognized and respected, but you’re still a beginner that needs to earn some experience in order to improve. If you’re planning to build your career, you’ll need some guidance, and the text below will provide you with some crucial steps you should take if your hopes are high.

Earn the promotion for your boss

That’s right. If your goal is to get more money and a promotion, make sure your boss gets there first. Think about your boss’ annual goals and assist in achieving them. If you do this right, someone will recognize the efforts of your superior and promote them. Expect your promotion and a salary bump shortly after that. Make sure you are the key player, and success won’t be missed.

career improvement

Don’t be a dead wood

It is pretty clear by now that those who aren’t part of the solution, are usually part of the problem. Avoid being that guy, and add some real value to the company you’re working for. For example, you may volunteer for the critical project which is avoided by other employees. In addition, work on some new marketing and selling ideas, or improve the business so tasks can be managed smarter. Be innovative and proactive and your career will be a prosperous one.

Keep your eyes wide open

If you want to move up, you’ll need to be focused all the time, and able to take care of the work in a timely manner. Feel free to take initiative and step away from the crowd. Learn about your company goals and try to live your boss’ dream. That’s the best way to improve the business and stay ahead of the competition. Anticipate what needs to be done in order to improve the business, and just do it. Of course, avoid making big calls without consulting your superiors.

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Explore other possibilities

explore opportunities

Sometimes the company you’re working for is not that good and chances for progress are very thin. Consider searching for a job in another city, or try working abroad. Let’s say you decided to move to Australia in search for a better career. Withstand Lawyers point out that you’ll need to get familiar with the rules when it comes to working visas. Your best bet is to seek advise from trusted lawyers, so you can continue pursuing your dreams. Once you’re done with legal stuff, you can focus on work and build your way up.

Continue with education

Don’t get fooled with your college degree. While the knowledge you earned there might come in handy, keep in mind that there’s so much more to learn about yourself and the job you’re doing. Because of that, you should be aware that longevity of your career depends on constant improvement and learning new skills. If you’re eager to learn, go ahead and take advantage of all the professional development programs your company has to offer. Stay open-minded and read a lot. Sometimes, when you’re in doubt, make sure to close your mouth and listen to those who know more than you.

Keep your word

Building trust is one of the major factors which can affect your career. Because of that, make sure to deliver every time you gave your word. Respect the time and will of your co-workers and superiors. Don’t exaggerate when it comes to your work-related capabilities, but fill your plate just with those tasks you can take care of without a mistake and in a timely manner. Be there to help your colleagues by teaching the less experienced ones, so they can level up their careers as well.

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Feel free to bring bad news

Every company will get in a bad spot once in a while, and your boss should be informed as soon as possible. Yes, this can be very unpleasant but is very important since the immediate reaction can save the business. If you are the one who noticed and reported the upcoming danger, rest assured that your move will be generously awarded in the near future. Don’t gamble with your credibility, but go to your boss the same moment you see something is out of order.


Make sure to remain positive and proactive at the workplace regardless of circumstances. If you are able to stay focused and calm in every situation, you’ll be making better decisions and your superiors will know to appreciate that. Keep up with good work, and your first career boost may be behind the corner.


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