5 reasons to visit the orthodontist

Many people find that visiting the orthodontist can be a life-changing experience. Getting braces as an adult has become increasingly popular in recent years; in fact, the number of people over 35 having this kind of treatment is said to have increased by as much as 70%. Previously the domain of teenagers and young people, orthodontic care is now becoming a means of gaining in confidence and a whole host of other benefits for adults of all ages. Here are the top reasons people decide to get their teeth straightened.

  1. A better smile

For those who didn’t get the opportunity to have this kind of treatment as young people, many are self-conscious about smiling and rarely do so as a result. As a consequence, their self-confidence and relationships with others are affected. For these people, orthodontic treatment has a dramatic impact on self-esteem which can translate into many other areas of their lives.

  1. Increase the appearance of youthfulness

Straight white teeth are traditionally considered the preserve of the young, which means that visiting the dentist regularly and getting treatments like braces or veneers can actually help make people look younger.

  1. Get ahead in life

People who get orthodontic treatment to correct their teeth can find that they have more success in their careers and personal lives. An American study found that people who have straight teeth were at an advantage when it came to gaining employment: the result was that they were 45% more successful because of the appearance of their teeth.

For some, getting braces can mean that the potential for romance increases. For a start, people who are more confident in their appearance are more likely to have the confidence to talk to potential partners. Secondly, for those who do online dating, that same study found that people were more considerably more likely to be successful if they had a perfect smile.

  1. Better dental hygiene

Having straight teeth means it is much easier to keep them clean. Plaque is much harder to remove when the teeth are crowded or protruding; so having orthodontic treatment can resolve this as well as making them easier to clean in the long term. This means that the teeth will be in better condition as people age; and it also makes it easier to achieve fresh breath as a matter of course.

  1. Better general health


The better dental hygiene that people enjoy after having braces means that their general health is more likely to be better too. Poor dental health is linked to a range of other health problems. This is particularly true as people age, and become more vulnerable to the potential side effects of conditions such as gum disease.

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People who once would never have considered getting orthodontic treatment are increasingly taking the plunge. The result of this is that they feel more confident and have higher self-esteem; which over translates into many other areas of their lives. Better health and increased youthfulness are also very attractive benefits for those who are considering having their teeth straightened as adults.

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