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It is not huge news that many people are not 100% happy with their smile. This may be because the smile is known to be one of the most important physical features that people look for, and if it is attractive, it can benefit a person both socially and in business ventures. A smile is often the first physical attribute that people notice in one another. By ensuring that their best self is put forward, patients are doing what they can to boost their own self-esteem as well as improving how they are viewed by others.

A cosmetic dentist in Mackay is an understanding and compassionate professional who is able to provide transparent and honest advice to their patients who want to improve their smiles. They are also able to develop a bespoke treatment plan that will be able to align with the desires and wishes of their patients.

If a treatment plan  involves straightening teeth or cleaning them in any way, then certainly this improvement in appearance can also improve oral health as well. It is the aim of any dental practice to not only provide their patients with a smile that they are pleased to share with the world, but to also educate their patients on how to obtain a healthier mouth, and how to maintain it.


What are some available cosmetic procedures that can be implemented?

A popular procedure that a dentist at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay can implement is a simple tooth whitening treatment. By visiting a dentist for this procedure rather than buying a kit online, patients can help ensure that they are not damaging the surface of their teeth as can happen with treatments that are not dentist approved or provided.

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Each dentist provided treatment is completely customised and is not some universal package available online. Dentists will be able to offer the best possible results for their patient, starting by listening to their needs and desires and discussing expected results, as well as potential complications.

Red wine, coffee, smoking, tea, age or medication are all culprits which stain teeth. By understanding what the cause of discolouration is, dentists can provide the right treatment to provide the best results.

What other treatments are available?

A crown or a bridge can be a great cosmetic improvement to a smile, whilst also having the additional benefit of providing strength and support to existing teeth as well.

Should a tooth become damaged or decayed, rather than losing the entire tooth, dentists can clean away the diseased tissue and replace the visible part of the tooth with a natural porcelain crown.

If there are several damaged teeth, as can happen from an accident or prolonged poor oral health, then rather than having multiple crowns, a bridge can prevent remaining healthy teeth from shifting or becoming damaged themselves due to being over exposed.

These common restorative procedures enable patients the full functionality of their teeth again and are standard treatments for when a person has cracked, chipped, broken or missing teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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