Have you been suffering with tooth pain?

Lots of people wake up each day with a small pain in their tooth, and often they ignore it. If they do not go to their dentist in W1 regularly as it is, then they are likely to continue to ignore this tooth pain until it has become agony. Ignoring tooth pain can result in a tooth or even several teeth removed due to decay or disease.

It is vitally important to attend your practice as soon as you notice a pain in your tooth, so they are able to provide you with the right kind of treatment and help get you back to smiling again. Your dental practitioner wants to do whatever they can to prevent you from needing more extensive treatment, as prevention is more important than simply resolving issues when they happen.

When and how to get help if you have a toothache

Depending on the severity of your toothache you may need to seek emergency dental advice, or you may just need to take some painkillers. If your tooth pain has lasted for more than two days and has not eased after taking pain relief, you need to make an appointment to see your dental practitioner. You could be experiencing pain when you bite down, red gums or just have a strange unpleasant taste in your mouth.

It is not unusual for somebody’s jaw or cheek to become swollen and tender too if they are experiencing tooth pain. All these areas are closely linked, so if you are starting to get toothache you can monitor its severity and be aware of when to seek dental advice.  

If you develop swelling in your mouth and around your neck, or you have trouble swallowing, speaking or breathing, you need to go to A&E immediately before the problem gets worse. They will be able to provide more extensive treatments that may be required quickly and efficiently.

What causes toothache?

Tooth smile

There are several things that can cause tooth pain, from infections to a chipped tooth to needing to have your wisdom teeth removed. Regular check-ups will help to keep your teeth strong and healthy, but if your wisdom teeth grow through at an angle, they will need to be removed to prevent further damage from being done. Even if your oral hygiene is excellent, you may still suffer with your wisdom teeth and this can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes your toothache may be a result of having a tooth previously removed, and if this is the case you should seek dental advice to ensure that nothing has become infected. Using a mouthwash and flossing can help stay on top of oral hygiene too.

Gum disease does not always cause pain to occur, but it can result in the loss of your teeth. You should keep a close eye on your gums to make sure they are healthy and not inflamed or too red. Getting a mouthwash that can help fight gingivitis is easy and using this twice a day will assist you in both overcoming and preventing gingivitis.

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