Monk’s Secret to Meditation

Ever wonder why meditation is so important to monks, and why it is touted as being so beneficial?

It turns out, meditation actually has an enormous effect on our brains and can actually change the way our brains are wired. It was believed in the past that our brains were hardwired from birth and you couldn’t train your brain to change its orientation in a significant way. However, studies has proven otherwise. For example, one study performed by the University of Wisconsin analyzed Tibetan monks brain activity and saw something higher levels of brain activity than would occurs naturally.

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Meditation for Discipline, Focus, and Brain Molding

In 2008, New York University (NYU) neuro-scientific researchers MRI imaged the brains of over 20 Buddhist monks during meditation, with captivating observations.

What are some of the findings of these and other researchers? 


Well, the list is long, but here are a few:

• Meditation can beneficially change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain, better known as “Neuroplasticity”.
• The happier parts of the brain (prefrontal cortex) were far more active.
• Their brains tend to “re-organize”, which means they feel a sense of “oneness” with the world around them.
• The brainwave patterns of the Buddhist monks were far more powerful, implying a higher level of external & internal thought.
• Their brains had enhanced focus, memory, learning, consciousness, and “neural coordination”.
• The monks had no anxiety, depression, addiction or anything of the sort.
• And this is just the tip of the iceberg, the benefits of meditation are limitless…

In short, the Buddhist monks brains were physically and functionally superior than those without meditation experience. Researchers believe that meditation changes the brain in the same way exercise changes the body.

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What is the secret to accessing the limitless benefits of meditation?

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