7 Simple Ways To Turbocharge Your Brain


1. Exercise, or play sports

Exercise has consistently been shown to be one of the most productive ways to turbocharge your brain.It is proven to make you procrastinate less, focus more and act more disciplined. It even trains your brain to be more resilient to stress in the long run!

Play Sports

2. Go for a nature walk

Going for a nature walk not only provides your body with exercise, but it also rejuvenates your mind. One study found that, participants’ memory and attention spans improved by 20% when they took a walk through nature! To give your mind an even more productive break, I recommend leaving your phone and iPod at home when you head out.

family time

3. Spend time with friends and family

Spending time with your friends and family has “far-reaching benefits for your health.” Having a sense of belonging, rejuvenates your brain and provides you with more energy. It also increases your security, self-worth, sense of belonging and reduce stress levels.

have sex

4. Have more sex

Sex is a lot of fun, but did you know it can help you supercharge your brain as well? Touching and hugging can release your body’s natural “feel-good hormone.” Sexual arousal releases a brain chemical that revs up your brain’s pleasure and reward systemSex and intimacy can boost your self-esteem and happiness too. It’s not only a prescription for a healthy life, but a happy one.
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5. Meditate

I’ve had a daily 30-minute meditation ritual for a few years, and can’t recommend the practice enough. Meditation is proven to help your mind de-stress and relax. The practice has even been shown to reduce your blood pressure and levels of stress hormones! I also find that meditation allows me to de-fragment my thoughts, which heightens my ability to learn and retain information.

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light dinner

6. Eat a lighter dinner, earlier

Eating an earlier, lighter dinner has a ton of health benefits (like that it helps you lose weight), and it can also supercharge your brain. Eating earlier helps you sleep better because it gives your body more time to digest food. It also prevents food and alcoholic beverages from disrupting your sleep. Your brain is provided with a more consistent flow of energy, without spiking your blood sugar levels like a huge, late dinner can.


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nootrolux best nootropics

7. Take a daily Nootrolux Brain Boost supplement

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