Three steps to the Invisalign consultation procedure

Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment know that the process is far from as simple as that of a deep clean procedure. Orthodontic treatment, in order for it to produce the results wanted, requires a thorough evaluation process. After that it is up to the patient to play their part in ensuring a successful outcome. Knowing what steps are involved during consultation helps in a patient being better prepared for the next year or so. The average length of time for orthodontic treatment to work according to the British Orthodontic Society is between eighteen months to two years.

What happens during an Invisalign consultation

It is reassuring to patients that dental practitioners spend quite some time in assessing a patient’s suitability for Invisalign treatment. For many patients, the cost of improving teeth positioning is a financial investment. A dental practitioner’s role is to make certain that the procedure is the correct one for the patient and for attaining the results the patient is looking for. The answers to these questions lie in the consultation process and how an orthodontic condition is assessed.

  1. Initial assessment

The very first thing a dental practitioner will want to do is check the condition of a patient’s mouth. It is important that there are no worrying signs of trouble with teeth or gums, as treating teeth and gum problems takes precedence over all other treatments. Without optimal health of the mouth, cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that include using Invisalign are set up to fail. This examination is also used to determine a patient’s suitability for Invisalign aligners. A dental practitioner will want to know a patient’s orthodontic goals, desired results and any preferences they may have in dental appliances. All available orthodontic options will be covered including the benefits of each type, risks involved as well as cost factor. This is so that the patient can make the best decision for their oral health.

  1. Collecting vital information
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The second part of the consultation sees the dental practitioner taking a closer look at the patient’s mouth. Relevant information and insight is collected through dental X-rays, dental impressions and digital scans like those provided by Invisalign Itero in London. Scans are sent to the external laboratory that is responsible for making the patient’s custom-made aligner trays.

  1. The prescription

Once the dental practitioner deems all is well and the patient meets all the requirements for Invisalign treatment, a prescription for the aligner trays is filled out. The prescription details information regarding the status of oral health, the method of orthodontic treatment as well as changes expected in teeth repositioning. The external laboratory receives the prescription and provides the dental practitioner with a treatment model (a digital plan on how exactly teeth will be moved) which the dental practitioner will have to approve before the end product is made.

Once the aligners are made, an appointment is booked for the patient to receive the aligner trays as well as instructions on how to use them, clean them and care for them. Following these instructions is critical to the positive outcome of treatment. For any questions or concerns, speak to a dental practitioner about Invisalign.

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