Are you shattering too many mirrors?

Well, maybe that is a bit harsh, but you could be starting to loathe having to look into the mirror more and more these days if you have overlapping or wonky teeth. It may be something which has caused you distress for some time, but there is help out there.

If you are finding that the embarrassment from crooked or protruding teeth is starting to affect your life in general, you truly are not alone, but it is time to take action!

There are a whole host of options out there for the treatment of aligning teeth and we don’t mean big metal braces from the 1970s! But what modern day dental options are there? How do these work? Are they safe? And will you still be able to go about your daily life as normal?

The contemporary modern dental solution?

With all the superb new dental technology in the area of dentistry today, there is a wide selection of treatments for wayward teeth, including that of Invisalign at Clear Braces Direct.

These clear braces are a stunningly simple way of aligning the teeth and the procedure is mapped out completely via 3-D computer technology. This enables your dental practitioner to monitor and manage the treatment from start to finish. Bespoke clear braces will be provided to each patient along with specific details as to how and when to wear them.

How easy is it to use this type of aligner system?


Old school metal braces are good at what they are intended for and are strong, but by no means discreet. Modern-day clear braces are almost invisible when the patient is wearing them, allowing the wearer to feel a lot less self-conscious whilst these see-through little wonders work away quietly to straighten the teeth.

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There is also the bonus that with the clear option, the aligners can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing the teeth, but they should be worn for around 22 hours per day for the procedure to work properly.

It’s not just your self-esteem that can be knocked with crooked teeth

Did you know that overlapping teeth can cause a number of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease? This is because it can be very hard to keep a good oral health regime, as it is sometimes hard to clean in between the teeth. This, in turn, means that bacteria and plaque can build up, causing all sorts of issues further down the road.

By using a clear aligner system, not only will you gain the smile you feel you have always deserved and therefore, feel more confident, you will also have a cleaner, healthier mouth all round!

Goodness, how many mirrors does one person need?

There will be no stopping you after this clear brace treatment. It is guaranteed that you will be going on a mirror shopping frenzy and at the front of every photograph! And why not! It will be your turn to shine and laugh with delight now that you have the straight smile that you have always wanted!

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