Cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics?

Today, there is more choice than ever for people who want to improve their smile. A good dentist can help to improve the look of the teeth using professional whitening techniques; dental implants; tooth reshaping; and braces and veneers. The treatment that is needed is very much dependent on the individual patient; and this is why it’s so important to visit an expert to decide on what steps should be taken.

Tooth whitening

Many people are unhappy with the colour of their teeth: they may have become more yellow with age; or stained by tea, coffee and smoking. Fortunately, tooth whitening is an easy way to resolve the issue. There are two ways to get this treatment: via a dentist visit or by getting a whitening kit that can be used at home.

Whitening that is performed at the dental surgery involves having a gel put on the teeth and simply waiting for a prescribed period of time for the gel to work. The dentist can also give the patient a kit for whitening at home – this includes trays that are tailor made for the individual alongside a whitening gel. After that, it’s simply a matter of wearing the trays each day for the recommended time.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the modern solution to broken or missing teeth. They are fitted on an individual basis, and can be an extremely effective way of achieving a better smile.

Tooth reshaping

This is an option for patients who have any teeth that are smaller or a different shape to the others. The teeth can be reshaped and bonded with a special composite that helps to give a result that looks very natural.



Braces can allow patients to dramatically improve the appearance of their teeth, and there are many different options. Adults who opt for orthodontic care often ask for Invisalign, which is a set of clear aligners for straightening the teeth. They are a popular choice because they are barely noticeable whilst still allowing for great results.


Veneers were designed to be a cosmetic fix for crooked, cracked or misshapen teeth. They are made from porcelain, and are very thin pieces that are moulded onto the teeth. One of the advantages of this kind of treatment is that it can usually be completed much more quickly than orthodontics, for example – a few trips to the dentist are usually all that is needed.

People who are weighing up the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics should think carefully about the kind of results they are looking for. It’s also important to consider how much time and effort it is possible to commit to improving the teeth. Seeing an expert professional can help the patient to decide on the best option for their individual circumstances; and to find out if they are eligible for the treatment they would like to receive. There is no doubt that whether braces, veneers, implants or whitening are chosen – any of these treatments can have a major impact on a person’s confidence.

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